Your Experience

Your Experience

Our PixiFoto permanent photography studios are located in selected Mothercare stores nationwide. Visit our locations page to find your nearest studio and call them directly to book your appointment.

A photography session at our permanent studios is just £9.99 and you will also receive a beautiful 12″x10″ colour portrait valued at over £45 as our FREE GIFT to you!

The photo shoot will last approximately 15 minutes. During that time our skilled professional photographer will use a selection of pure white backdrops and coloured gels, innovative props and creative subject posing to produce fantastic results, ensuring you will be delighted with the collection of images created for you. With a wide range of portrait packages and portrait sizes available as well as the choice of colour, sepia and black & white images, PixiFoto permanent photography studios will cater for your every need.

After your photography session our creative studio team will take 10-15 minutes to edit your unique portrait collection. You will then have the opportunity to view and purchase your beautiful personalised tailor made collection.

Please see our ‘Our Products and Prices’ page for details of the wide range of portrait packages, sizes and finishes available.

Your experience starts NOW

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What should I bring?

Most importantly a smile but don’t forget to bring any important, personal possessions that you would like to appear in the portraits e.g. props for hobby poses, favourite kids costumes i.e. fairy dress and wings or cowboy hat and waist coat, musical instruments, toys, sports kits, Grandma, anything you want, as long as you can fit it in our studio! Bringing your child’s favourite toy can really help to make your child feel more settled and bring out their best smiles and giggles, ensuring you will have beautiful memories to keep forever.

What should I wear?

Of course it is totally up to you when it comes to what to wear for your photo shoot, but generally warm, rich colours photograph best or black and white clothing, denim jeans and a plain t-shirt always look good, as does coordinating your families outfits. Try to avoid busy patterns especially when there are several people in the portrait as they can be distracting to the eye.

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How To Book

1.         Find your nearest location
2.         Call them direct to book your photography session
3.         Smile and have FUN
4.         View, select and purchase your portraits on screen on the day
5.         Visit us again after approximately 2 weeks to collect your portraits.
6.         You have now captured the moment forever.
7.         Don’t forget to become a member of our PixiFoto Birthday club


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PixiFoto family photography studios will take so many beautiful images, why choose just one or two to take home with you? We offer a wide range of portrait collections that not only offer fantastic value for money but make a truly eye catching display in your home. All can be tailor-made to match your personal requirements. To the left are examples of two of our most popular, the ‘Family & Friends’ and ‘Ultimate’ collections.

Poses Image SQ


Our skilled professional photographers use a combination of pure white backdrops and coloured gels, imaginative props and creative composition, to produce a large variety of fantastic contemporary poses. This will ensure we not only capture your image but also your personality.

Visit our gallery to view examples of our most popular poses and be sure to let us know your favourites, or if there’s something else you’d like to try. Remember to bring personal possessions that you would like to appear in the portraits such as favourite kids costumes, musical instruments, toys, sports kits etc.


Photo frames are a timeless classic, perfectly suited to the traditional or contemporary styled home. Our beautiful frames come in a combination of warm colors and different textures that work together to create a beautiful collection of family portraits.

Are you a fan of sleek, clean and crisp lines? Our floating frames ensure that your family photographs take all the limelight. These wall-mounted blocks would look fantastic on their own or with other photograph blocks to showcase your family portraits.


To complement our photography we also sell a wide variety of accessories, including everything from magnets to keyrings and more, a variety of which can be purchased from our online store.