Pixifoto is under new management.

Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd, has closed down.

In July 2017, Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd (commonly known as Pixifoto) ceased trading. As a result all Pixifoto and Portrait Place studios have closed down, and photography sessions are no longer taking place. You can read more about complaints and refunds here. This news is obviously very upsetting to loyal customers, and of course the staff who worked at Photo Corporation. This site is here for the purpose of explaining what has happened since, who has taken over, and what we can do to help you.

Who is running things now?

The old company Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd no longer exists in any form. After the company closed, following a short consultation, an agreement with the liquidation company was reached and all Pixifoto trademarks, names, websites, intellectual rights, data and server hardware was sold onto a 3rd party. This company is called Dadfords Print Processing Ltd. Dadfords is a Northamptonshire based photo-lab that until August 2017 had no connection with Photo Corporation. None of the Dadfords staff have access to any of the old Photo Corporation customer service software, files, emails or accounts; as a result we are unable to assist with any enquiry dating before 1st December 2017.

Pixifoto Ltd vs Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd

When Dadfords Print Processing Ltd acquired the brand and trademarks to Pixifoto, a new company was formed. This new company is called "Pixifoto Ltd" and was incorporated on 25 September 2017. Our company number is 10979747. The reason Pixifoto Ltd was formed is so that old Photo Corporation customers wishing to purchase images are able to find us easily, rather than purchase via Dadfords Print Processing Ltd. The new business Pixifoto Ltd is in no way connected to Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd, and we are in no way liable for any outstanding complaints or financial matters.


Unfortunately Pixifoto Ltd is nothing to do with Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd, who have ceased trading. Both Pixifoto Ltd and Dadfords Print Processing Ltd, are in no way responsible for any debt or outstanding complaint. Please see some frequently asked questions here, for more information. We are unfortunately unable to assist with any query dating before 1st December 2017.

What is the new company Pixifoto Ltd doing?

The new company, Pixifoto Ltd (a branch, and trading name of Dadfords Print Processing Ltd) have now collected all surviving image-servers and data from within the Mothercare and Debenhams stores across the UK. These servers contain studio images from the studios across the UK with images dating back to approximately January 2016. These computers are soon due to be wiped clean, and all data and images erased. Before we start the erasing process, there is a chance that we may still have your images; once we confirm they are present, we may be able to sell you the images, along with a permanent copyright transfer. Please click here if you would like us to check for images.

Where is my existing online gallery?

Support for all CEWE and MyPixiShare galleries has now ended, and the new company has no access to any login data, or online images. You can find out more about the various galleries, including a brand new Pixifoto gallery here.

Do you have images you would like to buy?

If you had a session at any Pixifoto studio within the last 18 months, there is a chance we may still have your images. Please click here to find out more.

Future plans?

At the moment there are no plans to open any permanent studios. There is the possibility that the mobile kits may be operational again by summer 2018; we will keep all customers informed as the new business builds and develops.