About our parent company

Who are Dadfords Print Processing?


Dadfords Print Processing Ltd, is a professional photo finishing lab, based in Northampton. Formed in 2011 to serve the trade photographic industry, Dadfords are not tied to any one supplier, meaning they can constantly seek out the best materials and prices to produce stunning photographic prints. In this way they have grown to become a major competitor in the photo processing sector. They beat most other labs on prices, and only print on industry leading papers. Serving trade as well as public customers all over the UK, and Europe, they use the latest technology from Nortisu, Epson, HP, and others to produce prints, enlargements, canvas’s, gifts and more.

In April 2015 Dadfords moved to a large production facility in the Nene Centre, near Northampton town centre. They have continued to invest and grow the business, and provide solutions for school photographers, studios, and all aspects of professional photography industries.

Dadfords are very proud to say they are 100% carbon neutral, having offset their carbon footprint since they began trading. Unlike most labs, they produce zero chemical or water waste, meaning they do their bit to help the environment

Carbon Neutral

Dadfords & Pixifoto

In August 2017, after the closure of Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd, Dadfords successfully bid to purchase the trademarks and brand name Pixifoto, along with the studio servers and customer database. A sister company was formed, called Pixifoto Ltd. It is Dadfords intention to re-open some of the Pixifoto studios, starting with the Mobile, or Pop-up studios, in 2018. For more progress on this side of the business, please check back regularly.

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