How can I purchase studio images?

Have you received a text or email from us?

If you have received a text or email offering you a last chance to purchase, please do not complete this form. The text we sent confirms we have already scanned a studio drive and found your images. You should only use the link sent in that text or email, otherwise you may get charged twice. We will attempt to contact everyone we hold images for before they are erased.

Did you have a photo session at any Pixifoto Studio?

If you had a session at any Pixifoto studio within the last 18 months, there is a chance we may still have your images. We cannot guarantee this as data from some of the studios was destroyed when Photo Corporation ceased trading. To enable us to search for your images we need to know the following.

  1. Your surname, or the name the session was booked under.

  2. The location of the studio.

  3. The appoximate date of the session.


Please do not complete this form if you have already received a text or email from us.

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