The Story of You and Your Family

Here are some things for you to think about before your session

  1. Who is the photo shoot for? Who else will be coming along? - What kind of styles do they like and what kind of moments would you like to capture?
  2. Family hobbies? - Bring in things from your favourite hobbies to personalise your pictures.
  3. Character shots based on careers and jobs in the family: Dad/Mum/Gran/Grandad?
  4. Does the family watch or play sport? - Bring in the kits, balls, sticks, etc..., and we can create a personalised storyboard full of images in support of your team.
  5. Anything personalised? We love it when you bring in lots of stuff that is special to you and your family, so feel free to bring as much as you like.
  6. Favourite toys, blankets or teddies?
  7. Personal Props - start a list of personal items you can bring along to make sure you don't forget anything on the day.
    • Favourite Book
    • Musical Instrument
    • Paint Brush and Palette
    • Family Heirloom or treasured item
    • Personalised Blanket or Pyjamas
  8. Outfit changes? We recommend at least two, something smart and something more casual, but please bring as many as you like; there is always time to change.
  9. Character costumes? What could you bring?
  10. What style of pictures are you looking for?
  11. Any hats/bobble hats/headbands?
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