Digital Package Prices.

All digital prices are worked out using an algorithm based on how many images we have on our database. If you had a session at a pop-up studio and only had 10-20 photos taken, then the cost for digital images will be less than someone who had 3 or 4 sessions at a permanent studio with maybe 100+ images. Whatever price we sell the digital images for, we do guarantee to be considerably cheaper than Photo Corporation (UK) Ltd, the previous owners. Unfortunately images are unavailable as single purchase, we are offering packages only.

Print Prices.

One you have purchased your digital images, we are able to offer a range of very competitive print and wall art options. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a print-only service for non-pixifoto images; if you have your own images you would like to print, you can always check out our parent company, Dadfords for prints. Once you have purchased the digital package, you can order at the prices shown below. These options will be available at the time of downloading via your new gallery.


9" x 6" Print = £0.99

10" x 8" Print = £1.49

12" x 8" Print = £1.99

20" x 10" Print = £4.99

16" x 12" Enlargment = £12.99

20" x 16" Enlargment = £14.99

24" x 16" Enlargment = £19.99

20" x 20" Enlargment = £19.99


All our prints are made using environmentally friendly lab machinery, with no chemical or water waste. We only print onto industry leading papers, and all our prints have a smooth satin finish.