We have been keeping families and children safe for decades

As the leading high street photographer in the UK, the health, safety and welfare of our customers, their children and our colleagues is of paramount importance to us.

PixiFoto actively promotes a safe culture within the workplace. Throughout our forty years of trading we continually strive to improve safety in our studios through comprehensive risk management.

We are proud to deliver a safe, fun environment for our customers to enjoy their PixiFoto experience.

A young child's portrait

Our Safety Guidelines

Our team of highly trained competent persons work within strict guidelines and complete regular risk assessments and daily checks which include:

  • A pose sequence that has been designed to ensure the safety of any child or person in the poses performed or the props/equipment used.
  • A full briefing to carers on child safety in the studio and the role they play, including the need for children under the age of four to be held when off the floor and for two adults to be present if the carer has two children under the age of 18 months.
  • After the photography session has finished the photographer guides customers away from props and equipment reminding them of their role in safety and their responsibly for their child's welfare while within studio environment.
  • Equipment checks to all fixed and free standing equipment to ensure they are functioning correctly and securely fixed in their position.
  • Checks to the posing equipment ensuring it is stable and that nonslip material is positioned correctly.
  • The Company aims to ensure all measures are taken to prevent personal injury and damage, and remains aware of responsibilities for Health and Safety. All employees should be familiar with the Health and Safety Policy and in turn their responsibilities to themselves and to others.

Customer Testimonials

Below is a sample of testimonials from our recent customers.

Mari was excellent from start to finish. She acted professionally throughout and made the whole experience worthwhile.

Marcia A., Harrow

I took my grandson to be photographed as I always took my own children. It is still the same professional service.

Tracey D., Guernsey

Nice to feel so comfortable and know our son was safe. The staff were brilliant with our son and all of us felt relaxed.

Andrena M., Doncaster