Image Specifications

What format are the images?

Pixifoto used professional grade photography equipment and cameras, and all images were captured direct to JPEG file format. Images cannot be supplied in TIFF or RAW format.

What size are the images?

The file size of each image varies from approx 1MB to 20MB. Various factors can affect the actual file size; commonly images that have large areas of solid colour background can reduce the file size dramatically when compared to images with higher complexity. The file size does not have a direct relationship to the quality or file resolution of the image.

How large can I print?

The digital JPEG image files we have supplied to you have a file resolution suitable for printing most common size prints and enlargements. As an example, images can be printed at a size of 12” x 8” (30cm x 20cm) at 300 dpi. We use the same image files to produce printed products up to the largest size we produce which is 30” x 20” (75cm x 50cm).

Are images edited?

Most images will be edited, but as we are offering all images that we have from your studio session you may find additional un-edited poses. Any storyboard images, or special effect images that were made, will be included if we have them. We are unable to peform any editing on images.